Monday, August 24, 2009

Cabin fever in the summer?

Well I did as I was told and stayed off my feet for almost a week and a half.
I went last Wednesday to have my group b strep test done and was checked again. It didn't sound like I had dilated anymore if I had maybe half a centimeter at most. So obviously taking it easy has helped me some. It is very hard to stay off my feet though, lately I've been wanting to clean and pick things up not because I want to but because I fear things will pile up and I will be stuck with everything. Also because Lucas does help me out a lot and I don't want him to feel like I just lay around all day like a lazy sloth. Sunday Lucas took me out shopping to Target, Hastings and Hy-vee. We picked up some baby stuff at target that I had on my registry even though we didn't have a shower but by doing this we got a 10% off everything on the registry coupon. I picked up some gerber burp clothes, lanisoh creme, and reusable nursing pads. We also picked up the new Up and Up baby lotion, nighttime bath and regular bath and body stuff comparable to J&J baby products. Next we went to hastings and while Lucas looked for a couple of the shopahlic books for me I sat down on there couches and read a magazine. Then Calvin came over and picked up a magazine on super weapons or something I just laughed because of all the magazines he could have picked up I was amused he picked up one with major weapons on the front. At least it wasn't a magazine that was wrapped in plastic that could have been interesting. Finally we went to Hy-vee and picked up a few things it was nice to get out of the house since I had not gone to a store in almost 2 weeks and I was getting cranky from cabin fever especially since it is nice out.
I go back to see my midwife next Friday and hopefully things will still be going good and of course I will have not had this baby yet but she said if I did the baby would be perfectly healthy.
Of course the longer the baby stays in the better because lungs develop and they can put on layers of fat which help them regulate their own body tempature.
Off to lay down again and watch dating in the dark when Lucas gets back inside from playing out with the boys.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Easier said then done..

Weight 158lbs
Yesterday I had my 33 week (almost 34 week) Doctors appointment.
I told my midwife that I had been experiencing occasional mild cramps in my pelvic region and when I am on my feet for too long (i.e. shopping) I would experience these pains starting in my lower back. She decided to go ahead and check me and I am already 1cm dilated. She also told us that the baby’s head is down which is good of course. I was supposed to go back in two weeks for my group b strep test but she pushed it up to next week since I tend to deliver early she just wants to make sure we have everything done and this baby is as healthy as can be. I was told I have to stay off my feet for the next two weeks so basically I have to lie in bed which is easier said than done. Especially when you have two other kids, although it helps that Carl has started school again and is there most of the day. Still I occasionally get up to get something to eat or of course use the bathroom and check things on the computer. Lucas has told me I am no longer allowed to make dinner which is nice because that is when I often felt the worst. There were times my back and legs got so sore I had to just sit on the kitchen floor and then figure out how I was going to get back up. Thankfully Lucas and I have already gotten most of our stuff ready for the baby. We cleaned blankets, towels, basinet bedding and clothes. We bought one package of pampers saddlers which feel so soft and smell good too (I think Lucas thought I was nuts when I had him smell pampers diapers compared to the huggies) Last night Lucas washed the infant car seat cover and cleaned off the stroller. We also got our swing the Graco sweetpeace center that I have mentioned in a previous post on here. Carl has started second grade which is hard to believe he is growing up so fast but I am thankful he has started school again I think he really enjoys it too. Calvin will be starting preschool 3 days a week at the beginning of September. This will be nice as it will allow me to have one on one time with the baby those mornings. We went to the Douglas county fair last week and had a good time there we just walked around looked at animals, and ate not so healthy for you carnival food. I didn’t get any funnel cake because they had eaten most of it by the time I got back but I did purchase funnel cake fries from Schwan’s the other day. Well I have to keep this brief since I can’t be up for too long. I just wanted to give an update on myself and the baby.
Oh yeah and one final bit of good news Lucas will be graduating with a 4.0 GPA I’m really proud of him to be able to work full time, go to school and help raise a family with one baby on the way is very impressive.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Happy Anniversary

Today is Lucas and my 8th year anniversary which I believe is bronze however we forgo presents this year and did not have bronze statues made of ourselves. We went out Saturday to Dempsy's burger place which used to be Ricks place. The burgers were good though we probably won't go back as it was a little too rich and gave us upset stomachs plus they were costly. Afterwards we went to Sylas and Maddy's and each got some ice cream. Today Lucas stayed home because he knew he wouldn't get to see me tonight since he had class, so I made the dinner I would have made tonight had he been home for lunch instead. Lucas actually had to help me make it because my leg started having major pains that I would have to sit on the floor of the kitchen and just cry in agony. He brought in a chair so I could monitor and tell him what to do.

Baby is kicking up a storm and I passed my 3 hour glucose test, I go every 2 weeks now and its hard to believe how quickly this is passing by. The boys are in VBS this week so that gives me a nice 3 hour break in the morning to relax or get things done.

Tonight the boys and I are watching MIB and enjoying some popcorn while Lucas is at class, he said when he comes home he will bring me a blizzard so I look forward to that!!

Enjoying the beautiful weather which is the exact opposite of the day we got married.

Sunday, July 5, 2009

A summer party and Fourth of July

Last weekend we held a summer party for Carl. This was the first half birthday party we have ever had. Lucas did great with taking the kids around to the different stations to play games. Unfortunately it was one of the hottest days of the year and I had to go inside to cool off. We made snow cones which we had lots of different flavors. We also had cake and ice cream (tip get the little individual vanilla ice cream containers), this makes it so much easier than having to scoop out ice cream for 13 hot, hungry and impatient kids. We had games like Plinko and the bean bag toss game. Of course we a prize table that the kids got to choose to fill up their loot bag at the end of the party. The party lasted for about 4 hours, which was perhaps a bit too long but like I said before we had never had such a big party for Carl before.

Monday we had a pretty busy day with a sandbox party, Carl’s baseball practice and my last executive board meeting for MOMS Club®. On Tuesday
Wednesday Calvin had his last dentist appointment for getting his teeth fixed she gave us some fluoride to paint on his teeth in the evening after we brush his teeth because she said his teeth are susceptible to cavities. The receptionist was even nice enough to carry him out to the van for me. Later that evening Carl had a baseball game and I was much happier with how things went for one they actually were given a chance to hit the ball and Carl was placed on first instead of in far left outfield and he actually made a couple of outs. I packed a large cooler with hot dogs and condiments, drinks, watermelon, corn on the cob and chips. What a great way to spend a warm summer evening then watching your child play baseball and eat baseball food that you brought. Next Wednesday will be his last game and t hen we will have a much needed break from sports until fall. We will probably sign him up for Tae Kwan Do then and possibly soccer if he still wants to do that.
Thursday Lucas got home from work early and we went and bought fireworks and picked up dinner at Applebee’s with money my mom gave us. On Friday Lucas again had the day off and we had a busy packed day. We started off by going to Hastings to look for piano books for Calvin (we decided that he can start taking lessons as well). They were of no help at Hastings so we headed over to Hume’s Music shop that moved over to the Kasold shopping center, we found one book and she was able to have the other books shipped to that store from nearby stores. Then we it was about lunch time so we went to McDonald’s and ate inside. After lunch we headed to the library to return books and turn in Carl and Calvin’s summer book reading log, they both finished and did the extra credit. We also ended up spending a lot longer time there picking out more books to bring home. Before we left the library we went and checked out the quilt show my mom has a couple of pieces in. After the library we headed over to Pendleton’s Market they are known for their asparagus but yesterday we went for their sale. They had an awesome sale you could get either a cardboard flat of annuals for $5 or perennials for $10 we ended up doing the annuals. Plus I went and asked how much the veggies were if they were considered an annual and she said they were free to just take them!! So we got a couple of eggplants and a jalapeño pepper plant. We probably got about 10 or so plants all for $5 I don’t think you can get much better than that. If they have anymore sales I definitely plan on looking into it.
After Pendleton’s we went to checkers and target then finally back home. Note to grocery clerk people at any store you do not put food in with the raid!! This is poison!! Ok

Yesterday was the Fourth of July. We didn’t do anything fancy like going to parades or crowded parks to watch fireworks instead we stayed home and made cheeseburgers on the grill. I also made corn on the grill, devilled eggs I still can’t do the fancy swirly effect like I remember my uncle Brian being able to do but they still tasted really yummy, Calvin had about 3 or 4 before I made him stop. After dinner we went outside to shoot of fireworks or rather we watched Lucas shoot of fireworks and stood back and admired them. Some were really neat and others were duds but it was always fun to watch. When it got darker it became more fun to watch the lighted bunt run through the darkness away from the firework. We finally finished up around 10pm and headed back inside for dessert. My mom made yellow cake cupcakes (box kind) and I decorated them with cool whip, blueberries and strawberries. I had her do this favor for me because Lucas and I had to make an emergency propone switch as ours had run out. I also had made an apple pie which was more like an apple bread pudding pie, it was really simple and though it didn’t taste exactly like apple pie I was fine with that because it takes too much effort to make apple pie from scratch and I really didn’t have the time.
Finally after dessert we put the boys in the bath and cleaned them up then headed to bed. I believe that is the great thing about Independence Day you can celebrate with a ton of friends or family or just your close family, you can go to parks or stay home. You can barbecue burgers, hot dogs, ribs. You can serve lemonade or root beer floats (like I did) You can go watch fireworks or shoot of small ones of your own if it is legal in your area or you can stay inside and hide from the loud noises. But no matter what you do you are getting to do these things freely and of your own will because of all of the men and women starting from 1776 and to today who have fought for our freedom to be able to enjoy this holiday with how it fits our needs and beliefs best. There is no right or wrong way to celebrate this great American holiday and I believe that is one of the great aspects about Independence Day.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Hot Kansas Days...

It was another lovely hot day in Kansas. I woke up and made Lucas breakfast that consisted of fresh made waffles with blueberries on top, eggs Benedict, watermelon and OJ.

After breakfast I went upstairs to finish making Father’s day cards, I was making 3 altogether and it took me almost 4 hours to make them.

Lucas wanted to know what I was going to make for lunch but lunch is not really my forte and I didn’t want to make another mess or heat up the kitchen. So instead I told him I would treat him to Arby’s since he loves that place and we normally don’t go there. We didn’t go to lunch until after 1pm since we had such a big breakfast. First we stopped at Arby’s Lucas had to go in because the huge delivery truck was blocking the drive-thru. I went over to the display first for the drive-thru to figure out what I wanted to get. I came back and told Lucas my order which was: 1 roast beef Jr. Sandwich, Small Jamocha shake, curly fries, sun chips and a cherry turnover. That was just my meal for $5.95. Lucas then went inside to order, I finally called him on his cell phone after about 9 minutes to see what was taking so long. Apparently they had an older man working and he was extremely slow, perhaps this is the reason why we don’t normally frequent Arby’s. After we got our food we headed over to McDonalds’ to get the boys happy meals, finally we went to checkers I had to pick up some coleslaw for the salad I was going to make for dinner that evening. The time it took at McDonalds’ and checkers was probably less or equal to the time it took at Arby’s. Finally we had finished all of our stops and we headed down to my dad’s house for Father’s day. For dinner we enjoyed a nice dinner of steak, fruit salad, coleslaw and steak fries. Unfortunately whenever I am pregnant steak doesn’t agree with me very well and I had a hard time finishing my meal, the boys had cheeseburgers which honestly might have been better to me.

Monday was extremely hot, I only ventured out to get my haircut and eyebrows waxed it had been almost a year since I last got my haircut so I felt I was entitled to it. I went to see Nancy at Joda and Friends she is my normal hair stylist I figured this would need a professional and not just going to Z’s. I might try them in between cuts. She first thinned out my hair and produced about 2 birds’ nests of hair. Then she washed and cut about 8 inches. She cut probably a little shorter then I would have liked but it’s ok since obviously my hair can grow and with me taking prenatal vitamins it will probably grow faster than normal. Carl still had his baseball practice Monday night which I and other parent’s were surprised to hear since it was 103 on the bank thermometer certainly not a temperature you want your children to be running around outside and playing in.

Yesterday I went in for my 26 week appointment I didn’t gain any weight from the previous time so I am at 150.8lbs then I drank that oh so good orange drink in 5 minutes. After Kathy came in and measured my belly, she said I was measuring perfectly and listened to the baby’s heartbeat, the baby actually kicked while she had the fetal monitor on my stomach it was pretty funny because all of a sudden you could hear a louder sound and I felt it too. When that part of my appointment was over I went to the waiting room with my timer and waited with Lucas for the remainder of the hour. Finally it was time to go back and get my blood drawn. Lucas stayed in the waiting room since he is squeamish about watching me get by blood drawn and gets woozy. I on the other hand have to watch, somehow it comforts me to know what is going on honestly I think the worst part is pulling off the medical tape with cotton ball off my arm after it has stopped bleeding. Don’t get me wrong though I really don’t like being poked with needles. Finally it was all over and I got to go home. That evening I went out to Genovese to celebrate the end of the year banquet with some other mom’s from moms club. I arrived a little early to help Ellie and Lori set up the gifts we had made for the moms. They were really cute I’ll post a picture of them.

Dinner was good even though driving in town was a little scary as there were majorly dark clouds and the wind was blowing those tiny trees along Clinton parkway I thought they were going to pop out of the ground and hit me. Thankfully I made it to the restaurant before the durenital downpour. They started by serving bread with olive oil which I happily ate because I was pretty hungry. Soon the other moms arrived there were 12 of us altogether or 11 I don’t remember. Then the waiter brought out delicious zucchini chips. These are so good, they are tiny little zucchini pieces that have been salted with sea salt and fried. Honestly if I learned how to make these I would be in a lot of trouble they are addicting.
We also had a nice house salad of mixed greens nothing to write home about but good. Then he took our orders for our meals, I had the wild spinach ravioli which had spinach and ricotta cheese inside, it was very tasty though in my onion not enough, I finished it fairly quickly and was still very hungry I almost wanted to ask for seconds. The dinner ended with a vanilla ice cream gelato which was good but I liked it last year better because we got to choose what we wanted for dessert and I believe I got the espresso gelato or some coffee flavor based gelato very yummy. After the evening was spent eating, talking and having a great time with other moms I finally headed home.

Today I received some not so good news I found out I failed my one hour glucose test, I know this has happened to other’s before and they have passed the three hour one later but it still didn’t make me feel good to hear this. When I was pregnant with Calvin I also failed the 1 hour test, I thought it was because I had made and eaten lots of Christmas candy the day before (perhaps not the wisest thing) but honestly you shouldn’t have to do those tests in the month of December when people are giving you sweets, cakes and other treats to enjoy. This time however I was not eating tons of candy I figured I would be fine, but apparently not. So when I got the news I immediately called Lucas and started crying, it never feels good to hear you have failed a test because you think to yourself what have I done wrong, why does this keep happening to me and of course I really hope I don’t fail the 3 hour test. Lucas has agreed to stay home with the boys that morning, he will drive me in then go back home and then come back with the boys after the test is over since I can’t go anywhere and I can only have water after midnight I know I will do fine with the test by myself but I’m more worried about driving after not having eaten for that long and having my blood drawn, I get very lightheaded and dizzy when I don’t eat for a long time. I get to go back in a couple of weeks for that; she said if I failed again I would have to see a dietician. The funny thing is though that my blood pressure was normal if not low she said I was very relaxed and everything else looked great. Usually babies that are of GD births tend to be overweight and then have the tendency to become obese later on; I can say that neither Calvin or Carl are obese. Carl is quite the opposite in fact and I wish he could put on some more meat on his bones but he is in good shape overall.
Well my hands are tired of typing this novel so I will end now.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009


Tonight Lucas got out the baby books I currently own:
Here is a list of them and whether I like them or not.

1. The 24-Hour pediatrician by Christina Elston: I really enjoy this book whenever the boys are sick I look up the symptom to see if there is anything I can do for them at home before having to take them to the doctors. Example Earaches: First response, over the counter pain relievers like ibuprofen or Tylenol, ear drops there are many hospitals and doctors that will recommend ways to make your child more comfortable. They also tell you what they do not recommend and of course when you need to call the doctor. I would recommend this book it helps me keep sane when my perfect children are not so perfect.
2. The new Mom's Manual by Mary Jeanne Menna with tips and advice from hundreds of Moms for baby's first year. This is a fun book to read but as with any advice book especially from non professionals you have to decide what is best and what would no longer be considered wise like you don't give an infant cereal in his bottle just because he is not sleeping. Sometimes you will think wow that is a great idea or the opposite wow that person is a complete idiot and shouldn't be allowed to raise a hamster let alone a baby but they still keep me entertained, so yes I would say this is a good book because moms need to be entertained.
3. Salt in your Sock by Lillian M. Beard, M.D This is a home remedies book another book I really enjoy. It provides remedies you might have at home instead of conventional medicine now I don't recommend going out and stocking up on unusual herbs but if it is stuff you have on hand already and is safe for your child it is worth trying. Example; constipation first it explains the ailment which I think we know then it gives the conventional treatments like giving prune juice once the baby has been introduced juices or massaging their lower left part of the abdomen then it list the Parent's report and this is the home remedies it also gives warnings about anything that should not be given to children under a certain age or if the doctor says this is not a good idea and can be dangerous. I have used this book many times for different things when the boys are sick, I even use it when I am sick and while some of the ideas are a bit loony there are usually some good ideas that are more natural then OTC medicines.
4. 97 ways to make a baby laugh by Jack Moore: This is just your basic book of ideas to make your baby laugh-#5 would make anybody laugh: Play rap music while Grandma does an improvisational, non repetitive break dance. This sounds funny no matter what age you are.
5. The happiest baby on the block by Harvey Karp, M.D- even if your baby doesn't have colic they are bound to get fussy once in a while and this is a good book for explaining how to swaddle your baby and other ways you can calm your baby down or just keep your baby calm and happy even if there are no major problems cause let's face it a happy baby=a Happy mom.
6. Baby and Childcare by Benjamin Spock- No not the guy from Star trek and I probably wouldn't recommend this book it was a book my mom had when she had me and I think things are a lot different now then they were back then.
7. What to Expect the First year by Arlene Eisenberg. I really enjoy this month by month guide it lets you know what to expect at your babies appointments and gives you ideas for questions you might ask but didn't think of or forgot for the appointments. It also explains things you might not ever heard of before such as Jaundice Carl had that when he was born and I had never heard of it before but it sure did scare me thankfully my stepfather Jeff bought this book and I read what it was about and was put at ease that while it is scary if not treated it is easily treatable.
8. What to expect the toddler by Arlene Eisenberg: Basically leaves off where the first year ends. I enjoyed this book too though I don't remember if I read it as much the second time as I did with Carl but still a very good book.
9. Dr. Mom's Guide to breastfeeding by Marianne Neifert, M.D. If you are breastfeeding I would highly recommend this book if you aren't then I don't unless you think it will change your decision but don't expect it to give sympathy if you aren't its not that type of book. It actually explains how breastfeeding works or how milk is made and released. Explains common problems encountered by breastfeeding women and even how to wean your baby when the time comes. it explains both the advantages to your baby when you breastfeed and to the mom. Breastfeeding is a natural part of child rearing and no one should feel ashamed for doing what nature intended for us.
10. The baby book by William Sears, M.D and Martha Sears, R.N.
This book focuses on attachment parenting- Connect with your baby early-Have your baby placed on your stomach right after its born unless there is something medically wrong and it needs help but as soon as you can place your baby on your bare stomach and your baby is also naked or a diaper if you don't want a surprise. Dad's can also participate in this because it is called attachment parenting not attachment mommying. Read and respond to your baby's cues if your baby is upset take care of your babies needs are they hungry, wet, tired just need to be cuddled no matter what it is your baby doesn't have the means to take care of it on his own and you need to take care of your babies needs until they are old enough to be taught and do so on their own, letting them cry it out is ridiculous if you build the bond between you and your baby of letting the baby know you will be there and can be trusted it will make it easier when they are older and it is time to drop them off at preschool because they know they can trust you to pick them back up and they are safe. Breastfeed your baby This is about as close as a bond you can have between a baby and her mother of course while the dad can't partake in this he can be supportive to the mother and even give bottles of pumped milk and still do the skin to skin contact while giving the bottle letting the mom have a break.
Wear your baby-this is very popular today find a sling or other baby wearing device you can do this while your cleaning such as vacuuming sometimes the noise of the vacuum might actually lull your baby to sleep. I would be careful doing things like cooking as you don't want to accidentally burn your baby then you should put him in his bouncy seat or crib. Sometimes at stores it is easier to wear your baby then to bring the stroller and usually when they are very young the front of a grocery cart isn't that practical when your baby can't support his own neck muscles.
Share sleep with your baby this is very beneficial for mom and baby especially if the baby is breastfed mom can stay in bed and simply nurse her baby when she senses the baby is rooting and is getting hungry usually the baby can nurse while sleeping preventing loss of sleep for both mom and baby. I think this is a very good book if you are comfortable with the ideas of course you might like some of the ideas but not all and that is perfectly fine you have to take what is best for you and your family.
11. Toddler wise: This is a very structured book and some toddlers need that structure but others do not you have to decide where your toddler falls and be warned that some babies/toddlers are so structured that when mom or dad wants to try something different even as simple as rocking your baby to sleep versus having baby lie in bed with parents the baby/toddler doesn't' respond well and gets upset I think some schedule structure is good but it is also good to be flexible with your babies schedule so that if something occurs and has to be changed your baby will be ready for the unexpected.

So those are the books I have and I plan to review them again soon .

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Camp, Lemonade and Hot Dogs-its Summer!

Well last week was a pretty busy week.
Carl had his cub scout camp out at the DG county fairgrounds on Monday he used a slingshot for the first time and got a bulls eye. Calvin and I played in his pirate pool and I managed to cut myself on some rusty garden thing. Monday evening I took Carl to his baseball practice and dropped him off with Lucas then went back home. Tuesday it rained pretty hard, I went to the doctor's to get a tetanus shot and found out I had a shot 2 years ago, it was too bad they couldn't have conveyed this to me over the phone so I didn't have to drive the opposite direction I needed to go to get soaking wet plus I had Calvin with me. Tuesday evening Calvin had blastball and I went to a PTO meeting at on the border it seemed like everyone had something to drink aka margaritas or beer but me I did have about 5 strawberry lemonades though which wouldn't be so bad but the bathroom at on the border smells like they have some sort of sewer problem-sulfur-raw eggs-stinky. Wednesday I was able to have my breakfast for a few moms that had wanted to come over the week before but couldn't. I made a tray of fruit-watermelon, bananas, strawberries, kiwi, blueberries and some cheese. I also made scones which were pretty easy I just did a simple one with raisins but I might be more adventurous next time and try something different. I also picked up some little chocolate donuts for the kids. One mom brought blueberry muffins and other mom brought more donut holes from dunkin donuts. I made mock mimosas which is I just got the market pantry white sparkling grape juice from target and some oj and filled up champagne glasses. The kids played inside and outside, the moms just sat inside and talked about different things overall it was a good time. When I picked up Carl from cub scout camp I was told they did a fitness test and ran the half mile, Carl came in first place with the time of 3 minutes 7 or 8 seconds. I was very impressed he seems to do good at no matter what he tries. Thursday Carl had another baseball game I cooked hot dogs and wrapped them up in foil then placed them in our toaster oven to keep warm when it was time to go I packed up the cooler with the hot dogs and put in mustard and relish I would have put in ketchup but the bottle was too big and I forgot we weren't near the concession stand. The game was pretty sad the other team was clearly professionals they could hit the ball, catch the ball, throw the ball. Our team was like the bad news bears Carl only got to hit the ball once and when he did the coach decided to show him how to stand and guess what it messed Carl up and he could only hit the ball off the tee. It frustrated me and Lucas, showing a kid how to stand should be done at practice and not at a game itself and usually when you do that it makes the kid nervous. It seems like Carl is one of the only kids who knows anything about baseball some of these other kids are totally clueless, one kid every time he would ever hit the ball would just stand on home plate instead of running to first and by the time he decided to run the ball would be at first and he would be out.
So I discovered the other night watching Conan O Brien that the baby likes Green Day, the band was on and I started getting kicks from the left and the right and they were pretty consistent kicks too it was quite funny.
Friday Calvin and I went to Hyvee on 6th street and helped pass out lemonade for Alex's Lemonade stand which is a foundation that raises money for research for childhood cancer the money stays local and goes to both KU med center and Children's Mercy. It was amazing how many people didn't get lemonade even though it was a free will donation, I believe there is a law that says you must buy lemonade when kids are selling it. It is something I would consider doing again but it was fun and no stress at all I even stayed longer then I had intended.

Well we are going to go to Kansas City now to see UP in 3-D, I'm excited to go see it and then afterwards we are going to Famous Daves since we have a gift card and need to use it.
Have a great weekend!

Monday, June 1, 2009

Pirate pool

Last week I had my 22nd week appointment. When I got there they weighed me and I had gained a whopping 7lbs although I have only gained a total of about 9-10lbs. Lucas read that starting in the second trimester you gain about 1-2lbs a week so it’s not that bad. We of course got to hear the baby’s heartbeat again and my midwife asked if we had any questions which we really didn’t. She also wanted to know if we wanted to take a nursing or how to have a baby class but I think we will forgo it this time. It costs about $75 to do and that can be money used on other baby things we need or bills to pay. I have taken the class twice now and I feel that if I don’t know how to have a baby by now then something is wrong. I only took the breastfeeding class once but really I think that is all you need, because it is like riding a bike-ok perhaps a bad analogy for me since I’m horrible on the bike and have no balance but you get what I mean. I definitely recommend taking both classes for first time parents, even when I took the breastfeeding class Lucas came with me I know that might sound weird since dad’s can’t exactly nurse but they can pay attention and when you do have your baby and our having trouble they can coach you and remind you of the techniques you learned but may have forgotten to do because of mommy amnesia. I was supposed to host a breakfast last Wednesday but ended up postponing it till this week because I would have had very little time from my appointment to get home and get things ready. It was also Carl’s last day of school and since it was Wednesday he got out at 1:20pm I went a little early to take Carl’s teacher her potted plant of mint and a thank you card. Then I went back to the van and got my video camera to take a video of Carl coming out and spraying silly string. Yep the whole school got to do silly string outside for their last day, it’s their tradition I believe.
On Thursday I took the boys to goodwill they each brought $5 of their own money and picked out a toy. Carl got a Harry Potter game and Calvin got a robot dog, I even found Lucas a Vikings hat for $1.98 not too bad. On Friday Carl had his first baseball game. He was awesome his batting average is 1000 on his first time to bat he hit the ball then ran he made it to second but the kid on second didn’t run to third even though the kid on third ran home so Carl had to run back to first. Kind of frustrating, but I even got messages on face book saying how awesome Carl was that night. It also frustrated me when Carl was practice swinging for his next time up to bat and a “parent” helper coach came and was showing him to hold it or swing, maybe he did this for all the players and I just didn’t pay attention since it wasn’t Carl but I just feel that if something isn’t broken then don’t fix it. Carl was the only one able to hit the ball on the first pitch each time so he is obviously doing something right. The kids get three chances to hit the ball from the coach pitch and if they can’t make it then they get to hit it off the tee but if they miss it off the tee then they are out. Saturday we bought a double slip and slide at target for the boys, Calvin enjoys it more when the water is off and just uses the water that is on the slide and the little pool area. Lucas had wanted to buy some super soakers but we couldn’t really find anything good at Target so we went with the slip and slide instead. Saturday night we made the rest of the pizza from the dough that I still had. Sunday I had my cooking club so I took the tamale pies to it and got food in exchange then we went and bought a pirate pool because Calvin really wanted it and it was on sale (he had been talking about this pool since probably April I think) Lucas got it blown up and they played in it yesterday. I think I will take Calvin out again sometime today. This morning I took Carl to his Cub Scout camp I can’t wait to find out what he did. I am actually going to have him start keeping a journal that he writes in everyday. Then I might even consider starting a third blog just for him to write about his summer adventures I think this will help with his typing skills and spelling skills, plus I think he will enjoy it and it will make it fun for him.
Well Calvin is beckoning me to come play whack a mole so I better go.

Monday, May 25, 2009

Happy Memorial Day!

Yesterday we celebrated Memorial day early first Grandpa and Bobbie came up to visit for a little bit. Then after they left my cousin Silvy and her husband James and their new baby Parker arrived from Arkansas. We had a nice visit I made a nice meal for all of us to enjoy that included: hot dogs and cheeseburgers made on the grill-Lucas did that and he did a great job. I made coleslaw, pistachio salad and helped make ham and macaroni salad, Lucas did most of that I just boiled the noodles to get them ready. One good thing about summer months is that there are lots of different salads to prepare and they don't have to be kept warm in fact it is usually discouraged. Salads can be prepared in advanced and chilled so you really don't have to worry about the timing of food preparation.

Parker is a very sweet little baby he only got fussy a few times and I think he was hungry and I get fussy too when I get hungry so it is understandable. I have to apologize to Silvy for my son Carl almost dropping her son, we were trying to get a picture of the three boys and next time it would be better done on a couch but Carl by that time had grown tired of having pictures taken and didn't really have a good grip on Parker. Thankfully I had my hands in position just in case something should happen and since it did happen I was able to catch him pretty easily.

Last week Calvin had his last day of preschool we gave his teachers each a potted plant of mint we are also going to give Carl's teacher a potted plant of mint on Wednesday. Calvin and I also took a tour of a cookie store called Eileen's Colossal cookies. Now I know where to store 50lbs of sugar you know the kind you see from Sam's club or Costco but always wonder where on earth am I going to store 50lbs of sugar. At the end of the tour the kids got a Elmo sugar cookie and the moms also got to pick out a cookie I picked the oatmeal raisin chocolate chip cookie and also bought a dozen M&M sugar cookies because Lucas requested it.

On Friday Calvin had his school field day he got a snake painted on his arm, rode a tricycle, "painted" a wall, played on the playground and played at the water table. We also enjoyed a snack of strawberries and watermelon plus capri-sun for a refreshing drink. When field day was over I called Lucas and he invited us to go out to lunch with him and his friend Joe to Ingredients. Calvin and I first purchased gas since I was on E with the light on then we drove downtown I couldn't remember where ingredient was just that it is located on a corner well I called Lucas and was told the wrong block number so I walked the wrong way until I realized I was going the wrong way and turned around we still beat Lucas somehow and I ordered the grilled Tuscan chicken sandwich, Lucas got the sweet leaf salad which I recreated Saturday night but going to the website and seeing what is in the salad and then finding a salad dressing recipe that was close to theirs. I used two types of salad leaves that we purchased from the farm down the road who now sells their products on Fridays from 4-7pm right now they really only have a few things on stock like lettuces, and mushrooms-yuck. We picked up some spinach leaves and a head of red lettuce but were really good in the salad. Tommorow is Carl's field day I know he will have a lot of fun because he enjoys that sort of thing and Wednesday is his last day of school it is also my next doctor's appoinment, followed by a breakfast I am hosting here at my house for

Monday, May 18, 2009

Sushi, Baseball and mexican food.

Last week Lucas was able to feel the baby kick for the first time. I of course have felt the baby kick for a few weeks now. They usually say that moms who are not having their first child can feel the baby kick pretty early only because they know it the kicks and flutters are.
Its always exciting when other people can finally start feeling the baby kick. The only drawback is the baby tends to be a party animal and stay up at night kicking me and as much as I love the feeling sometimes I just have to close my eyes and go to sleep and not think about each little kick.
Tried the new Casa Agave at a MNO last week it wasn't too bad, some people said it was horrible I wouldn't say it was horrible would I run back to go there again probably not but if someone wanted to go there and pay I would be willing. Friday I hosted a book cook I read What makes a rainbow which is a cute book with rainbow color ribbons and then afterwards we made rainbow dancers out of yellow plates and different colored streamers from the dollar store. I must say the dollar store is pretty awesome for party supplies, I think as long as you stay away from candy, small toys and toothpaste your pretty safe.
After the book cook, Calvin and I met Lucas and his friend at On the border. Calvin ended up only eating chips and salsa we probably could have not ordered him lunch since he never ate his lunch. He loves salsa he will eat it with a spoon if you give him one.
Saturday Lucas went to his friends hooding ceremony at the lied center and I went to see the new Star Trek movie which I think was probably more exciting. The boys stayed at home with my mom it was rated pg 13 and I wasn't sure how racy the bedroom scene was, plus Calvin would have asked where is R2D2 throughout the movie.
That evening Lucas and I went out to Yokohama's on new Hampshire to meet up with Lucas's friend and a bunch of other people. It is actually a sushi place and I got panko covered chicken-think large fried chicken tenders. They told me their sushi is actually cooked but that really didn't matter as I don't eat seafood and even then there is a lot of seafood you have to avoid when your pregnant whether its cooked or not. Lucas did his first Sake bomb and I did my first virgin sake bomb. I'm thinking mine might have been harder because of the fizz from the carbonation of the sprite. It was still a fun experience though.
Sunday we went to lunch at McAlisters I had a Greek wrap and mashed potatoes which sounds like a weird combo but hey I'm pregnant so I can do that. Plus I ordered the sweet tea.
After lunch we headed over to Kohl's to pick up some new PJ's for Carl, his summer PJ's are all too small in fact Calvin wears them now. We also picked up a couple Royal's shirts for the boys much to Lucas's demise I'm sure next time we head up to Minnesota we will pick up some more Twins stuff. I also got another pair of Capri's, a cute flowery top and another pair of shorts.
After Kohl's we headed over to target to pick up a few things for Carl's cub scout camp coming up the first week of June. Finally we went home, Lucas dropped me off and took the boys to Carl's school playground then they came back after almost 2 hours and played baseball outside.
Calvin has a very interesting technique he bats with his left hand but throws with his right it will be interesting to see if he keeps with that as he gets older or if he switches. Carl is also getting pretty good at hitting the ball and catching it.
Today Carl had his first baseball practice of the season, I took him and Calvin there to meet up with Lucas and while waiting to sign some papers got hit in the head with a ball. Being around little kids who don't know how to throw a ball properly is very dangerous to one's health. I then left to come home. After baseball practice Carl had his last cub scout event which was cub scout Olympics I will be interested to hear how it went, I was supposed to bring lint but forgot. Yeah I have no idea what the lint was for. Lucas is taking the boys to dairy queen because Calvin didn't get a treat at baseball practice which of course I said I didn't get one either :) so now I am also getting a chocolate milkshake- Hey I need my calcium after all.

Well not much else to report I'm 21 weeks now and feeling pretty good minus the baseball to the head but I think that would have hurt even if I wasn't pregnant. I have another appointment next Wednesday (May 27th) I believe so I can't wait to find out how the baby is doing.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Mother's Day

Happy Mother's day!

Today I woke up to a breakfast tray filled with pancakes, strawberries, toast and juice. My wonderful husband and children help make them and brought them to my bed.
Baby inside told me happy Mother's day by doing a little dance or at least that is what it feels like.
Yesterday we went and got my mother's day present which was a Sony hand cam hd camcorder. It is pretty awesome I have only used it a little bit but I love how it fits so easily in my hand and how light it is unlike our last one. It is also nice you don't need to use tapes and can easily load it to the computer. It is definitely much more convenient to be able to bring to school functions, trips, around the house etc.

Last night we went out on a date we went to sunset grill which is a small restaurant in Kansas City with a Caribbean/Hawaiian decor. The food was fabulous, I had the Maui burger which was a really juicy grilled burger with ham on top then pineapple, mozzarella cheese, lettuce, tomato, and a special pineapple sauce. It was delicious and filling. For dessert we split an apple crisp with vanilla ice cream and a sauce of caramel rum very yummy.
Afterwards we headed over to the babiesrus and just walked around checking stuff out that we need or would like or stuff we don't need like scope I hope that is for the parents and not the baby, nobody wants to offend their baby with dragon breath I suppose.

Last week was pretty busy,
Calvin's preschool had their mother's tea. They prepared chicken salad sandwiches for us and serves us ice tea, apple juice for the kids. We got to walk around their classroom to see what they do and then go to the art show were they proudly displayed their artwork.
I also had my first PTO meeting as secretary and it was disastrous not on my part but apparently an e-mail had gone out that the meeting was going to be a discussion on the budget cuts/teacher firings and other things relating to it. Needless to say we had to reschedule the PTO meeting to this Tuesday because there are so many things that need to get done.
Calvin and I went to a really fun Cinco De Mayo lunch last Tuesday, everyone brought a topping or a side dish and we ate lots of yummy tacos and other Mexican food and the kids played while the moms' got to chat and catch up.

I think I have been feeling the baby more and more especially at night that is when the baby seems to most active. I'm sure the baby is dancing or practicing karate. I'm pretty sure within a week or so my family should be able to start feeling the baby move too.
Ok baby knows I'm typing about it because the baby has started to kick me now.

Well tonight we are grilling bratwurst and having potato salad, and baked beans something simple but fun.

I hope all the Mother's out there have a wonderful mothers day!!

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Sickness and in health

It has been awhile since I have been on here. We have all been sick, it started last Monday with Carl who once again had a yucky cough and fever to go along with it so I took Carl in to the doctors since he has had this cough and someone kept asking me too. The doctor said it was either viral or allergen related she prescribed antibiotics even though they wouldn't do any good and also gave us samples of singulair. Guess what? The antibiotics did absolutely nothing at all and I'm pretty sure the singulair didn't do much either. In fact Calvin now has the cough and also got a fever though the fever didn't last quite as long as Carl's. I finally got the cough but no fever we went and picked up some Robitussin cough for me since I can take that. I also take my inhaler but that really doesn't do much good. It basically like I'm trying to catch my breath after running a marathon and instead of being able to breath normally I just start coughing really hard to the point my head hurts and I actually got sick today because I was coughing so bad.
Before my doom I was able to exercise on Tuesday I brought out my pregnancy DVD I received when I was pregnant with Calvin and decided to try it out. I never really got to use it when I was pregnant with Calvin because I got it as a Christmas present and then of course he was born a month and a half later. At the end of the exercise program you get to do this relaxing technique where you lay on the floor on your side and practice breathing and relaxing your body. Well next thing I know I'm asleep, mind you I wasn't out for too long but when I woke back up the instructor now had a baby and was talking about taking care of your baby and yourself it had obviously gone on to the postnatal part of the video which I'm not there yet. I actually thought it would have been pretty funny if anybody had come into the room while I was laying on the floor with my eyes closed they would have thought what kind of exercise program is this where you sleep.
Last night Lucas and I went to the Mechanical Engineering banquet at Marcelli's (thought about you Silvy while there) we had a nice dinner of salad, chicken Parmesan, a white noodle dish, broccoli and carrots with cheese sauce, and cheesecake of our choice. The cheesecake I picked out tasted of caramel and other good stuff. Then we had to listen to people talk about who knows what I wasn't really that interested. At one point my cell phone started ringing and so I quickly left the room and went into the bathroom which I used first since I had to go for the 20th time that evening then I listened to my message and it was my mom calling about what to give the boys for their coughs. I called her back and told her what they could have and when I was done, I had to pee again!!

*Warning may involve bathroom talk*

Having to pee all the time is insane. I will go and then 5 minutes later I will have to go again, sometimes I don't even have to go but the baby presses somewhere and I feel like I have to go again so I go to prevent accidents which are not fun at all. It really is not fun to cough or sneeze and leak a little then have to change your underwear. Sometimes it is less then 5 minutes I will go to the bathroom and a minute later I have a full bladder again, what is up with that?!? I realize this is my third child and should be used to it by now but really it sucks and I know its not going to get any better anytime soon.

Today we went to the Spencer Art Museum. Carl had a piece in the art show from a class he took called Weather and Art. His piece was called Hotel on the beach with pink winds and clouds. It was a funny class he got to take and it was only $10 the art show was neat too but we didn't stay for too long since I felt like crap. We also went to the dollar store where I had to buy thank you cards for the school's PTO for Teacher Appreciation week coming up. Tuesday is my first meeting I will attend as the new Secretary for the PTO. I'm excited about it, next year I will only do PTO I will not be secretary of MOMS club nor the newsletter editor so that should give me a break.

Well that is it for now. Here's to hoping everyone else out there is staying healthy.

Friday, April 24, 2009


I have decided to compile two lists, one for mommy and one for baby. I realize I won't get everything I want on these lists, but what else do I have to do right now. Besides finish cleaning the fridge. That can wait, it's not going anywhere.

Baby list:

  1. Two or three new bottles: Avent 9 oz bottles with nipples (2-3). I really only need a few of these. I will mainly breastfeed, but sometimes Lucas likes to help out and give me a break. Avent has different nipple sizing. Size 1 is only for the is the first month. That is when I will be the only one feeding our baby so we don’t need that size. We have to get new the new bottles because of they are BPA free.
  2. High Chair: This can wait until the baby is at least 5 months old. We started feeding both Carl and Calvin at around 5-6 months. There should be no rush to start feeding your baby anything other then breast milk or formula unless directed by your doctor for some medical reason. I think there are more chances of baby developing allergies if started to soon. I want a nice highchair that both the chair and tray are easy to clean.
  3. Diaper Genie II Elite system: I checked it out online and it looks pretty nice.
  4. Baby swing: But, I have already blogged about that.
  5. A new infant car seat with base: Apparently we need a new baby seat because ours has expired :( or it will when the baby is 3 months. We need to find an Evenflo one that works with our stroller system.

    Mommy List:
  • A couple of new nursing bras
  • A new diaper bag I'm looking at Vera Bradley. I have one of her purses and the patterns are really cute for mom.
  • Ok that is it for now I'm tired.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Big day!!

Big day:
Yesterday was our big appointment, the sonogram: Weight 143 lbs. First, I made the mistake of starting to drink my 32 oz of water at 9:15 am when my appointment was at 11am. By 10 am my bladder was extremely full and it hurt. I called up Lucas and told him to drink that amount of water and not to go to the bathroom. When he said he does that all the time, I told him to put a brick on his stomach/bladder area. I finally couldn't take it anymore and I had to go pee. Then I refilled my 32 oz hospital mug up again and start over. I had drunk about half of it when we left to go get Carl from school. I had my mom go in to get him. By the time they came out I was crying because I was in so much pain from having to pee. I ended up having to go into the school and use the bathroom. There was no way I would have made it with all the bumps and potholes along the way. I still had 15oz left in the mug so I drank it on the way to the doctor’s office. Then I filled it up again halfway at the water cooler at the doctor’s offices.
I got most of it finished by the time they called me back.The sonogram technician put the jelly stuff on my tummy, it was hot!! Previous times it was always cold. It was nice that it was warmed up but it was a bit too hot. Then she put the sonogram wand on my belly and moved it around. Then there was the baby. First it was looking at us and waving, and then it kind of turned its head. It was very active, bouncing here and there. The spine looked good. All the fingers and toes looked intact. The baby was moving it's fingers, apparently down syndrome babies can't always open and close their fingers. After what seemed like forever the sonogram was finally over. Don't get me wrong, I love meeting my little baby but it’s kind of a bittersweet moment. You get to see this precious person but you also have to really pee and the technician pressing the wand on your belly makes it even worse.
Afterwards when I gave my urine sample, I think I could have filled up 5 of those cups. I don't think my pee had ever been that clear before. (If I offend anybody with bathroom talk then too bad this is a blog about pregnancy not about manners.)Then I had my regular appointment. They asked if we wanted the 4 marker test done. This is the test for down syndrome and whatever else. We said no thanks. Everything in the sonogram looked good and we would love the baby no matter what. If there were problems we might have it done it, but only to prepare ourselves and find out what we could do. But sense everything on the sonogram looked fine, we felt there was no need to cause more stress to myself or the baby. My midwife was glad to see that I was gaining weight and told me to keep eating and gaining weight.
After the appointment we all headed over to Applebee's for lunch. We didn't have to take Carl back to school because on Wednesday he gets out at 1:20pm. So there was really was no point.At Applebee’s I had the cheeseburger sliders and onion rings. The sliders were OK though they had a few too many onions. The sliders were certainly not white castle quality, but of course I haven't had any of them since I was a kid.
The boys and I went home and Lucas went back to work. I was exhausted and almost made the mistake of taking a nap. Thankfully as I started to put in some dates into my outlook calendar I saw the boys had a dentist appointment at 3pm. It was then 2:30pm. Yikes! I told them brush your teeth and let's go!! We got there in plenty of time thankfully.I'm going to go watch the office now. Next time I'm going to put up a list of things we need for baby and me (mom deserves to be pampered too!)

Until next time,


Sunday, April 19, 2009

The weekend

I took the boys with me to a Mom’s Club banquet committee meeting. That is a really nice part of MOMS club, kids are always welcome. Of course except for Mom’s Night Out (MNO) but even then, if you have a little baby you are welcome to bring it. Usually though, it is a once a month opportunity for moms to get out and just be with other moms and not kids. We decided we are going to have the banquet at Genoveese again, since we had such good results there last year. Now we just have to send out a few dates for everyone to vote on to pick a date/time for event.I came home and quickly fed the boys and myself lunch. Then we went to McDonald's play land where there was an activities meeting/play date for boys. Each month two ladies in the membership help plan the monthly activities. Moms in the club are encouraged to host play dates at their house if they want to or think of things to do. I will be hosting two next month. One is a book cook: I'll read the book "What makes a rainbow". It is a cute magic ribbon book. Then the group can make dancing rainbows from paper plates and streamers. The other event I'm hosting is called Freedom Breakfast Moms (last day of school). This is an opportunity for Moms with school aged kids to to come over and bring a breakfast food item to share and while all the younger kids play. The moms can discuss how to keep summertime blues at bay and the dreaded "Mom, I'm bored and have nothing to do"’s. I look forward to hosting both events.On Friday evening at about 7pm I realize I have not made dinner or even given it a thought. I end up making strawberry pancakes with fresh whip cream. So it turned out pretty good. Everyone loved them.

Saturday: I took Calvin to his first birthday party up at Jay Bowl. I get up to park at the Union and I'm thinking its free parking because its Saturday and no football. Nope wrong, the Kansas relays are going on and to park in the union’s huge parking lot or anywhere else near the union will cost me $5 which was not going to happen. I'm not paying on a free day. Even if it wasn't a Saturday I still wouldn't pay that much. I drove around quite upset because half of KU's roads are closed. Apparently they are building a hotel near there. Finally I find a spot near campanile and walk to the union with Calvin. I was not a happy camper. It is not fun walking way out of your way with a smaller person who walks about half the speed you do. Oh yeah, the parking lot was no where near being full. It is time's like that if Carl or Calvin decide to go someplace other then KU I would not object at all.The party itself was really fun. Calvin ended up eating nachos with cheese sauce and cake. I ordered myself a hot dog since it was my lunch. I also had some cake. Calvin had fun bowling, though I think he was more interested in eating the nachos. After the party, Calvin and I went home. I was supposed to go down to Sunfire Ceramics but because of the trouble parking at KU I completely forgot about it. I remembered when I was near Target. At that point I really had no desire to turn around.

Sunday: we all went down to the Greek Orthodox church to celebrate the Greek Easter and to eat some yummy food. They had 10 different languages for the service, English, Greek, Portuguese, Spanish, French, Italian, Russian, Romanian, German and Arabic. I understood none of them well except for the English. Still, it was neat to hear all the different languages.After the service there was an Easter dinner/picnic which we had some food that was pretty good. That was pretty much our day. After we came home and Lucas and I finished “Baby Mama” and just relaxed. Lastly I watched the Amazing Race. I was curious to see how those brothers do with their 4 hours of penalties.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Snack week

When we got back Sunday evening I decided to weigh myself to see how much I had gained after eating that enormous amount of food. I gained 2lbs.

Monday: I don't think I did very much just took it easy. We took some pictures of my pregnant belly at 16 weeks:

as you can see Calvin thought it was funny taking pictures of our bellies.

Tuesday: Calvin has snack day at preschool and I made mini pineapple upside cakes, very cute but not very easy to make
Pineapple rings don't like to fit easily inside a muffin tin. When I picked the cupcake container back up they were all gone so that is good.

Van broke down at Carl's school, wanted to take the boys to see the moon rock at KU but couldn't since the van didn't run. Ended up being battery and rear brakes had to be replaced. Tuesday evening I used my moms pilot to take Carl to cub scouts, they made a little frame out of materials you would find in nature. They also made dinosaur eggs and played a game outside. It was Carl's snack so we had bought rice krispie treats and Capri-suns from the previous month so we used that.

Wednesday: I don't have to go anywhere which is good since I don't have a vehicle. I use my mom's car again when I go to pick up Carl from school then come home to make a chocolate cake with espresso glaze for a Moms night out I'm going to that night. My van is finally finished and my mom drives us over to pick it up then she takes the boys home as I head to sunfire ceramics for MNO.

Cake is very yummy, we went to sunfire ceramics, everyone brought food to nibble on. We made glass pendants which isn't easy. Cutting glass is more difficult then it looks not that I ever thought it looked easy but I'm not sure how people do it. I will pick my piece up in a week or 2. IT will be some sort of abstract piece as I couldn't make it look like anything.

I think it would be fun to go back and paint ceramic which is probably less dangerous. I made the mistake of trying to brush off the glass powder with my hand and got a few glass splinters which I got out but that really hurts.

Thursday: Today, Take Calvin to preschool. Come home do some laundry watch last night's American idol. Pick Calvin up and go to Target where he picks out a toy for a friends birthday party on Saturday at Jay-bowl up at the Student Union. As I am checking out the cashier girl says I'm becoming a regular customer of hers, perhaps I really should change my address to that of target. Head home as we are driving I look back and see Calvin is passed out he ended up sleeping till almost 4pm he normally doesn't take naps so he must have been pretty tired.

I pick Carl up from school and I let him stay outside and shoot some hoops on the portable basketball hoop his dad put together. It was at 10' and he kept making shot after shot.

This evening he had another piano lesson. He knows were all of the keys are now and what notes they are, he was able to tell me where keys are positioned from their location to the black keys in the car on the way home from school. After his lesson he went outside to play more basketball this time with this dad. Calvin went outside too and played with a little tiny basketball, Lucas ended up lowering the height of it to 8' so Calvin had a little better shot and guess what Calvin made a few baskets too.

After Lucas and Carl played a game. I joined them for a game of horse then we went inside and Lucas made dinner and some more of his strawberry shortcake.

Tomorrow I have a banquet committee meeting in the morning and Carl doesn't have school.

That's all for now.


Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter

*Warning this blog contains a lot of mention of food if you are sensitive to this subject please refrain from reading any further.

Thursday: Calvin's class gave the bible story presentation of Jesus being crucified, he played a soldier I think there was less blood in their reenactment then the Mel Gibson movie. Lucas came too and afterwards we went to A&W/KFC I got a papa burger-comparable to a big mac and a root beer float. Thursday afternoon after we picked up Carl from school and went to an Easter Egg hunt at another moms club member's house.

Friday: we packed and got ready to go to Nebraska. I took the girls (Lucy and Ethel to the doggie boarding place aka vets) and then went and got my van filled with gas and my car washed for the trip. We got back and at 5:45pm we headed to Nebraska. The trip was only 2 1/2 hours we passed many casino's that are on many Indian reservations on the way up. The lodge was very nice we checked out the place then went to our room to settle in for the night.

Saturday: We went down to the hotel restaurant for breakfast where I had scrambled eggs, breakfast potatoes, toast and apple hickory smoked bacon. After breakfast Lucas took the boys swimming and I went back to the room to relax before our big day. Since we had a big breakfast we didn't eat lunch instead we headed over to the Arbor day farm tree adventure they had an Easter egg hunt where you walked along a trail and would come upon bunnies with questions then you would try to answer them and look in the plastic egg to see if your answer was correct at the end you turned in your eggs for a bag of candy and other goodies.

Here are some pictures from our Tree adventure and of the Lied Center Lodge in Nebraska city, NE.

Saturday evening: we change rooms after receiving a very rude note from another guest at the hotel that basically said give our child some cough syrup or a breathing treatment, I was infuriated unless you know me don't ever tell me what to do when it comes to the well-being of my children. The fact is we had given him something and we try to only give him stuff at night. Doctors now say that cough syrup is pointless and probably actually makes a cough last longer instead of taking its course. Well we told the hotel people and they also agreed that it was very rude and uncalled for and we got switched to another room that was actually bigger so that was nice. Then we went to dinner Lucas and I got the buffet I started off with salad, then moved onto a vegetable melody, bow tie pasta, baked potato loaded with chives, bacon, shredded cheese and sour cream and a NY strip steak ( I had to trade steaks with Lucas because mine was medium rare and his was more cooked, normally I like medium rare but can't really have that now since I'm pregnant) Then I went back for seconds but this time I only got the veggies and the bow tie pasta. Finally it was time to hit the dessert table, I had chocolate cream meringue pie, chocolate cake, lemon meringue pie, and pecan pie. After dinner we went back upstairs Lucas gave us our Easter present which was volume 1 of Ducktales. Lucas took the boys down to Story time with Milk and cookies and then afterwards we watched a little TV then went to bed.
Sunday: Happy Easter everyone! We wake up and start packing so we can have our stuff in the van before we have the Grand Easter Brunch. At noon we head down for the brunch there are 3 stations: Appetizer, Entrees and Dessert.

First I had: Grilled vegetables, including zucchini, yellow squash, asparagus, portabello mushroom, peppers, balsamic syrup, basil and shaved Parmesan-minus the portabello mushroom cause I hate mushrooms, also I don't remember asparagus.
Sliced fresh fruit and seasonal berries. Mixed baby greens with cucumber, cherry tomatoes, julienne carrot and daikon radish with raspberry vinaigrette.
For Entree I had: Four cheese stuffed ravioli with champagne cream and asiago gratin, Cinnamon and sugar glazed smoked pit ham,Mashed Yukon Gold potatoes
Green beans with caramelized onion and smoked bacon
Breakfast Entree I had: Apple wood smoked bacon and sausage
Scrambled eggs with sharp cheddar and Monterrey jack cheeses-I actually gave most of these to Calvin as they made me not feel too good.
Ricotta cheese blintzes with strawberry preserves
Fried breakfast potatoes and a danish.
Then I went to the dessert table where they had a chocolate fountain. I dipped a pretzel stick, strawberry, cream puff and a marshmallow in the fountain. Some sort of weird banana cream pie that I thought was something else, petite fours and petite crème brûlée
So that was all I ate today for Easter brunch then we got in the van and drove back to KS. We had a good time but it is good to be back in our own home.
p.s if I haven't gained any weight after this trip then I'm not sure what to do.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Strawberry shortcakes

Pregnancy has been pretty good this week, my headaches have seemed to subside (knock on wood) Nausea has taken hiatus for now though I still watch what I eat just in case.
Monday Carl's cub scout troop went geocaching your probably wondering what that is well here is the definition: Geo caching is a high-tech treasure hunting game played throughout the world by adventure seekers equipped with GPS devices. The basic idea is to locate hidden containers, called geocaches, outdoors and then share your experiences online. Geo caching is enjoyed by people from all age groups, with a strong sense of community and support for the environment.
We went to the one on near the prairie park nature center trails ending at Mary's lake. It was pretty cold that day but the trees seemed to block some of the wind. Monday afternoon I had to go pay for my van since someone forgot too, I hadn't planned on going back out again since Carl didn't have school but I also didn't want my van being taken away. After we stopped off at the KU credit Union we went to a MOMS Club coffee talk play date at Lori's house. I enjoyed some white raspberry decaf tea and a chocolate chip cookies and many good conversations with fellow moms while the kids played. Monday night I didn't really watch the BB game just parts of it because UNC was crushing Mich State and there wasn't much of a game plus I was rooting for Mich State since they beat KU I figured if a team can beat KU and go on to the final two then perhaps KU did pretty well for themselves.
Tuesday after I took Calvin to preschool and watched one of the classrooms perform the triumphal parade of Jesus I headed over to Z's cosmetology school and got my eyebrows waxed then went home and did nothing until I had to pick up Calvin again.
Tuesday evening I made meatball subs for dinner and then the boys and I went to Carl's school for a PTO meeting. I wanted to practice my note taking skills since next month I start as secretary of the PTO. Afterwards we came home and watched American Idol, Lucas stays late on Tuesday night or he goes down to Edwards campus and he had a presentation to give.

Today: started off with a small bowl of strawberries little sugar on top and poured heavy whipping cream over them yummy but I'm sure the cream isn't the best for me but it was a small bowl. I took my van into to En Tire to get my oil changed since we are taking a trip on Friday to Nebraska and it is a week past the oil changing date (I know you don't have to get it done right on time but since we were actually going someplace I felt it is better to be safe then have a ruined car) while my van was getting the oil changed Calvin and I walked over to IHOP and had breakfast/lunch he had the rooty jr. and I had chicken strips, onion rings and mozzarella sticks. By the time we finished and walked back over my van was finished. We then drove to Carl's school since he gets out at 1:20pm on Wednesdays it would have been pointless to go home I would have had to turn right around so we just went to the school and waited.
This afternoon we went to a KU women's softball game with other MOMS club members we got a great deal of $3 a ticket for a group of 10 or more and under 5 is free so it only cost me $6. The boys were really good and actually watched the game. Lucas is trying to get a group of 20 people to a royals game on July 1st because they play the twins that day and you can get a discount. KU was playing Nebraska we left in the bottom of the 5th inning KU was down by 3 and we had been there for an hour and a half the the boys were ready to go plus I knew Lucas would home and was anxious to see him since I didn't really see him the day before. We got home and Calvin had passed out in the car, the game really wore him out. Lucas was busy making yummy strawberry shortcake for dessert and we ended up reheating some a leftover dinner from Monday night. His strawberry shortcake is different from what I was used too. You follow the directions on the Bisquick mix for the strawberry shortcake recipe but after you make the shortcake you do it a little different. You take a bunch of strawberries that you have hulled and add 1/2 cup sugar (more or less depending on your taste) then take a masher and mash them and let them get soaked in the sugar. To end you take a bowl put in shortcake put strawberries on top then pour half and half on top so yummy!
Oh Calvin is interesting he likes half and half and actually had me pour a glass for him to drink I poured him a very small amount if it and he was like yum I like it, sour is good, I like sour.

That's it for now.

September's Flower: Aster

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Coupons- you gotta know when to use them, know when to lose them.

Last time I wrote I had a doctors appointment, I forgot to tell my weigh in there. It was 139lbs which was the same as last time I've only lost about a pound and right now I'm staying even so that is pretty good considering I normally lose more then that.
Thursday I went to the All-Member meeting for MOMS Club we had a guest speaker talk about foster parenting which while I think it sounds interesting and commend anybody who does it, its not something I could really do at least not right now.
Thursday was a pretty uneventful day, Carl had his piano lessons and that was about all.
Friday there was a ton to do and I managed to get most of it done. I was unable to pick up free tickets to the women's NIT championship game between KU and the other team from Florida that I'm drawing a blank on right now (thanks pregnancy brain) but I arrived too late at 10:30am and they had already ran out. After Calvin and I unsuccessfully finished our trip there we went over to subway to grab lunch. Aaaak I normally don't go there it was very overwhelming they have so many choices and while I'm trying to figure out the best deal of course somebody asks what I want to order so I go ahead and order even though I'm not really ready to order partially because Calvin is also very indecisive expect that he wants a cookie (not exactly lunch). I end up ordering a 6" sub with ham and cheese toasted with cucumbers and mayo and honey mustard. Calvin gets a kids meal with turkey, lettuce, pickles, mustard and honey. We take it home to eat, and yes Calvin ate all of it well expect the bread I think he is on a low carb diet I don't really mind I'd rather he eat the inside of it anyway then just filling up on unnutrional white bread. After we eat lunch we head out again heading to the executive board meeting for MOMS Club, I meet and take notes of the meeting while Calvin plays with the other kids bringing in tons of little white flowers that unfortunately mainly found their way onto the floor of my friend's house. After the meeting we quickly leave to go back across town and pick up Carl from school then we drive home where I pick up Cotton Candy our cat to take him to the vets. Carl decides to stay home but Calvin comes with me, we have a nice little soft sided cat carrier for Cotton. We take him to Dr. Bayouth and he gets weighed he is exactly 10lbs and the Vet says he looks like he is doing really good and he receives his annual shots for cats. We then leave to come home, Ahh finally I can relax for a bit.
Friday evening we find out that my cousin just had her baby boy, this is her first baby and I'm so both very excited and happy for her and her husband.
Saturday morning we wake up and head to the Engineering Library for a pancake feed it was supposed to be outside but thankfully they moved it inside as it was sprinkly and very windy.
We got free tickets from someone at Lucas's work, the pancakes were pretty good but the pancake flipper kept trying to flip pancakes to people even though they didn't want it and lots ended up on the floor. Carl actually caught a few but I wasn't up for trying, sorry not a good idea to mess with a hungry pregnant mom. After we filled up on pancakes Carl ate a whopping 9 pancakes!! we headed home. Later in the afternoon we went out again to Walmart, Kohls and JcPenny's as we had coupons for both places-gotta love those coupons! At Walmart the boys had gift cards from their Aunt Michelle to spend so they each picked out some toys. Calvin got a C-3P0, a cool thing of bubbles and something else. Carl picked up a brain quest for Math for grade 3 and he is actually doing pretty good even when he has a question about something it is more to explain it and then he figures it out in his head. We also picked up a couple movies, we got Short Circuit and Benji collection each for $5 not too bad. At Kohls we picked up some shorts for Carl and some shirts. We also got me a pair of maternity capri's and shorts and a cute top we didn't do too bad since we had a 30% off coupon. Then we went to JcPenny's we got another shirt for Calvin since I couldn't find any cute Easter shirts for him at Kohls and found out that this store doesn't carry maternity clothes. Then we got dinner at McDonald's because it was already 7pm and I didn't have much desire to cook, I don't think Lucas did either. We got home and watched some basketball then we watched Short Circuit which Calvin absolutely loved he kept laughing through it and wanted to watch it again after it was over but it was late and time for bed.

Today is Sunday, the day started off slow we went to CiCi's pizza for lunch we had not been there in a very long time afterwards we went to target and got a bunch of good deals with (you got it) more coupons. $1 off a pineapple that $1.99, $1 strawberries that Lucas will make his yummy strawberry shortcake-different then the angel food cake short cakes but more of a biscuit cake instead, which reminds me I hope we still have enough heavy cream for it.
There were other coupons and things we bought but to top it all off we also had a $5 off the entire bill over $50 coupon which it was so again that was awesome. We picked up a couple more movies. Madagascar 2 for $6.99 and Bolt for $13.99.

Tomorrow Carl doesn't have school we are supposed to go geocaching with his cub scout troop, right now I'm hesitant just cause its going to be cold tomorrow and we will be outside hiking it would be more fun if it was a nice not rainy, snowy weather. We shall see how it is in the morning.

Until Next time here is a quote about Cows, don't ask why I suppose cause we always pass cows when we go anywhere and there are some cute baby cows right now.

Who was the first guy that look at a cow and said, "I think that I'll drink whatever comes out of those things when I squeeze them?" ~Bill Watterson

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

April Fools day

Let's see today is April 1st did I play any jokes on anybody nope nor did I have any played on me. I successfully played one on Lucas a couple years ago by taking his shampoo bottle and removing the lid then putting a piece of plastic wrap over the opening then replacing the lid causing the shampoo not to come out that was pretty funny but he is hard to trick he is always on guard growing up with 4 other brothers and 1 sister can do that to you I guess.

We had another baby appointment and this time we brought Calvin which was nice I don't think Kathy (midwife who delivered Calvin and Carl) has seen Calvin since he was a baby. She asked if I was having any problems and I said my worst was my headaches and she informed me I can take extra strength tylenol instead of those pathetic regular strength tylenol so that was a relief to hear. We got to hear the heartbeat and this time she found it right away the heartbeat is 156bpm. She asked if we wanted to find out the sex and we told her we wanted to keep it a surprise this time but we will be going in for a sonogram in 3 weeks, it is hard to believe how fast this is going of course like I told her my two boys must be keeping me busy.

This afternoon after I picked up Carl from school/chess club we went down to Sylas and Maddy's to get an ice cream treat. Carl got chocolate chip cookie dough, Calvin got chocolate, and I got rock chocolate jayhawk-chocolate swirl, brownie and fudge pieces.

I got a really cute apron the other day from weavers it has a retro cherry pattern on it I really don't have any aprons so I decided I wanted one since I'm well I'm normally always cooking or baking something. Tonight I used it and made chocolate chip muffins for tommorows MOMS Club meeting.

So at the doctors appoinment I always pick up the free magazines and I enjoy looking at them I even check out some of the websites with products I love "window" shopping online but I find it amusing at how expensive some of the items are appearntly we are all millionares who have tons of money to throw down on baby items but still its fun to look at.

Well since it is April fools day I thought I would find out some information on that "holiday" instead today.
Actually there are many thoughts on where it originated from but I found one prank that I think is pretty amusing:
Left Handed Whoppers: In 1998, Burger King ran an ad in USA Today, saying that people could get a Whopper for left-handed people whose condiments were designed to drip out of the right side.[7] Not only did customers order the new burgers, but some specifically requested the "old", right-handed burger.[8] -wilkapedia has brought you this information.

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Icy Rainbows

Well it is supposed to be spring but you wouldn't have known that yesterday with the snow falling from the sky covering the icy grass. I think is ice on trees and grass is very beautiful how the sunlight captures it and makes little prism rainbows but it can also be very deadly with it knocking down powerlines, causing wrecks etc. Oh well it wouldn't have been right if it had been a beautiful sunny day yesterday with the Jayhawks losing the night before.

Last week Carl received his bobcat badge for cub scouts and we turned in his camp form for the summer. Ah yes summer the time to send your kids off to many camps. Carl's first camp is the cub scout camp and it is at the Douglas fairgrounds its only a day camp that lasts for a week. Morning to Afternoon so that should give me a nice break to just hang with Calvin while he is at that. We are also signing him up for softball again this time slow pitch by the coach (he was worried he might get hit by the ball but we assured him the coach probably doesn't want to hurt his own players, let alone 7 year old boys.)

On Thursday Carl started his first piano lessons a student from Lucas's work came out to the house and will come each Thursday which I think is great because it gets exhausting driving into town all the time and he gets lessons 1 on 1 instead of waiting around while 10 other kids are playing. I am having him practice for 20 minutes a day and while it gets monotonous hearing the same notes played over and over with the same beat I know he is learning plus he is doing his left hand which seems to be trickier then just the right hand. So I am proud of him and I think this will be really good for him. We are making him practice his multiplication right now Lucas first made up a 10 x 10 table for him to fill out and today I had him fill out a 12 x 12 table which I'm happy to say he got 100% he wants to go onto division but we still need more practice with the multiplying before we can go on.
We are signing Calvin up for a camp too at his preschool it lasts a week and is in the morning it sounds like a lot of fun and I think it will help him get to know his classmates better since right now he is pretty shy and enjoys playing by himself more but he is getting better. Then later in July the VBS starts which is the church were Calvin goes to preschool and this year I will sign both Carl and Calvin up to go since it only cost about $5 per child and it lasts a week either mornings or afternoons well worth it giving him a much needed break and time to rest when I'm big and pregnant by then and just want to take naps.
I think I have convinced Lucas of what type of swing I want to get the new baby when it comes of course we don't plan getting it until august or September so we can save up more amazon points with our handy dandy amazon credit card right now we already have 50 points of credit.

So here is the swing I want:

Yes it is expensive but if you go onto the website and check out the demo it is awesome and I'm sorry but it probably won't be a swing I would ever lend out for someone to borrow or even give away expect to my own children. Of course by then they will have an even better swing for babies. It doesn't swing like a normal swing either from front to back or from side to side but it sways like when you are holding your baby in your arms and swaying them it also plays soothing sounds or music and you can hook up your ipod to put your own music hopefully soothing baby music or classical music. I don't have a graco carseat but if you do you can take the graco infant carseat and put it on instead since the rocker can be removed handy if your just getting home and baby is asleep in carseat.
We also need a highchair but obviously that can wait till after baby is born since babies don't eat solid/mushy baby food till about 4-6 months.
We are keeping this baby a surprise because we found out with both Carl and Calvin so we already have a ton of baby clothes yes they are boys but in the first few weeks they are normally in sleepers and onesies anyway. Baby won't care and refuse to wear clothes because of the color it is, however if we do have a girl I do plan on getting a lot of pink cute clothes for her I might even pick up one cute little girl outfit for the hospital picture just in case we do have a girl.
Obviously that is a long way off but it keeps my mind of my horrible headaches.
I got really bad headaches with Carl and now they are back they can range from small little hammers just being annoying to big giant anvils hitting my head causing me to only want to close my eyes oh and I can only take regular strength Tylenol of course but I will ask on Wednesday at my next appointment if there is anything else I can take when they become migraines.
It basically feels like I have a constant hangover which obviously I don't have right now since drinking is a no no right now.
Here is a lovely poem about the month of September I found:
"The breezes taste Of apple peel.
The air is full Of smells to feel-Ripe fruit,
old footballs,Burning brush,
New books, erasers,Chalk, and such.
The bee, his hive, Well-honeyed hum,
And Mother cuts Chrysanthemums.
Like plates washed clean With suds, the days Are polished with A morning haze."
- John Updike, September