Monday, May 25, 2009

Happy Memorial Day!

Yesterday we celebrated Memorial day early first Grandpa and Bobbie came up to visit for a little bit. Then after they left my cousin Silvy and her husband James and their new baby Parker arrived from Arkansas. We had a nice visit I made a nice meal for all of us to enjoy that included: hot dogs and cheeseburgers made on the grill-Lucas did that and he did a great job. I made coleslaw, pistachio salad and helped make ham and macaroni salad, Lucas did most of that I just boiled the noodles to get them ready. One good thing about summer months is that there are lots of different salads to prepare and they don't have to be kept warm in fact it is usually discouraged. Salads can be prepared in advanced and chilled so you really don't have to worry about the timing of food preparation.

Parker is a very sweet little baby he only got fussy a few times and I think he was hungry and I get fussy too when I get hungry so it is understandable. I have to apologize to Silvy for my son Carl almost dropping her son, we were trying to get a picture of the three boys and next time it would be better done on a couch but Carl by that time had grown tired of having pictures taken and didn't really have a good grip on Parker. Thankfully I had my hands in position just in case something should happen and since it did happen I was able to catch him pretty easily.

Last week Calvin had his last day of preschool we gave his teachers each a potted plant of mint we are also going to give Carl's teacher a potted plant of mint on Wednesday. Calvin and I also took a tour of a cookie store called Eileen's Colossal cookies. Now I know where to store 50lbs of sugar you know the kind you see from Sam's club or Costco but always wonder where on earth am I going to store 50lbs of sugar. At the end of the tour the kids got a Elmo sugar cookie and the moms also got to pick out a cookie I picked the oatmeal raisin chocolate chip cookie and also bought a dozen M&M sugar cookies because Lucas requested it.

On Friday Calvin had his school field day he got a snake painted on his arm, rode a tricycle, "painted" a wall, played on the playground and played at the water table. We also enjoyed a snack of strawberries and watermelon plus capri-sun for a refreshing drink. When field day was over I called Lucas and he invited us to go out to lunch with him and his friend Joe to Ingredients. Calvin and I first purchased gas since I was on E with the light on then we drove downtown I couldn't remember where ingredient was just that it is located on a corner well I called Lucas and was told the wrong block number so I walked the wrong way until I realized I was going the wrong way and turned around we still beat Lucas somehow and I ordered the grilled Tuscan chicken sandwich, Lucas got the sweet leaf salad which I recreated Saturday night but going to the website and seeing what is in the salad and then finding a salad dressing recipe that was close to theirs. I used two types of salad leaves that we purchased from the farm down the road who now sells their products on Fridays from 4-7pm right now they really only have a few things on stock like lettuces, and mushrooms-yuck. We picked up some spinach leaves and a head of red lettuce but were really good in the salad. Tommorow is Carl's field day I know he will have a lot of fun because he enjoys that sort of thing and Wednesday is his last day of school it is also my next doctor's appoinment, followed by a breakfast I am hosting here at my house for

Monday, May 18, 2009

Sushi, Baseball and mexican food.

Last week Lucas was able to feel the baby kick for the first time. I of course have felt the baby kick for a few weeks now. They usually say that moms who are not having their first child can feel the baby kick pretty early only because they know it the kicks and flutters are.
Its always exciting when other people can finally start feeling the baby kick. The only drawback is the baby tends to be a party animal and stay up at night kicking me and as much as I love the feeling sometimes I just have to close my eyes and go to sleep and not think about each little kick.
Tried the new Casa Agave at a MNO last week it wasn't too bad, some people said it was horrible I wouldn't say it was horrible would I run back to go there again probably not but if someone wanted to go there and pay I would be willing. Friday I hosted a book cook I read What makes a rainbow which is a cute book with rainbow color ribbons and then afterwards we made rainbow dancers out of yellow plates and different colored streamers from the dollar store. I must say the dollar store is pretty awesome for party supplies, I think as long as you stay away from candy, small toys and toothpaste your pretty safe.
After the book cook, Calvin and I met Lucas and his friend at On the border. Calvin ended up only eating chips and salsa we probably could have not ordered him lunch since he never ate his lunch. He loves salsa he will eat it with a spoon if you give him one.
Saturday Lucas went to his friends hooding ceremony at the lied center and I went to see the new Star Trek movie which I think was probably more exciting. The boys stayed at home with my mom it was rated pg 13 and I wasn't sure how racy the bedroom scene was, plus Calvin would have asked where is R2D2 throughout the movie.
That evening Lucas and I went out to Yokohama's on new Hampshire to meet up with Lucas's friend and a bunch of other people. It is actually a sushi place and I got panko covered chicken-think large fried chicken tenders. They told me their sushi is actually cooked but that really didn't matter as I don't eat seafood and even then there is a lot of seafood you have to avoid when your pregnant whether its cooked or not. Lucas did his first Sake bomb and I did my first virgin sake bomb. I'm thinking mine might have been harder because of the fizz from the carbonation of the sprite. It was still a fun experience though.
Sunday we went to lunch at McAlisters I had a Greek wrap and mashed potatoes which sounds like a weird combo but hey I'm pregnant so I can do that. Plus I ordered the sweet tea.
After lunch we headed over to Kohl's to pick up some new PJ's for Carl, his summer PJ's are all too small in fact Calvin wears them now. We also picked up a couple Royal's shirts for the boys much to Lucas's demise I'm sure next time we head up to Minnesota we will pick up some more Twins stuff. I also got another pair of Capri's, a cute flowery top and another pair of shorts.
After Kohl's we headed over to target to pick up a few things for Carl's cub scout camp coming up the first week of June. Finally we went home, Lucas dropped me off and took the boys to Carl's school playground then they came back after almost 2 hours and played baseball outside.
Calvin has a very interesting technique he bats with his left hand but throws with his right it will be interesting to see if he keeps with that as he gets older or if he switches. Carl is also getting pretty good at hitting the ball and catching it.
Today Carl had his first baseball practice of the season, I took him and Calvin there to meet up with Lucas and while waiting to sign some papers got hit in the head with a ball. Being around little kids who don't know how to throw a ball properly is very dangerous to one's health. I then left to come home. After baseball practice Carl had his last cub scout event which was cub scout Olympics I will be interested to hear how it went, I was supposed to bring lint but forgot. Yeah I have no idea what the lint was for. Lucas is taking the boys to dairy queen because Calvin didn't get a treat at baseball practice which of course I said I didn't get one either :) so now I am also getting a chocolate milkshake- Hey I need my calcium after all.

Well not much else to report I'm 21 weeks now and feeling pretty good minus the baseball to the head but I think that would have hurt even if I wasn't pregnant. I have another appointment next Wednesday (May 27th) I believe so I can't wait to find out how the baby is doing.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Mother's Day

Happy Mother's day!

Today I woke up to a breakfast tray filled with pancakes, strawberries, toast and juice. My wonderful husband and children help make them and brought them to my bed.
Baby inside told me happy Mother's day by doing a little dance or at least that is what it feels like.
Yesterday we went and got my mother's day present which was a Sony hand cam hd camcorder. It is pretty awesome I have only used it a little bit but I love how it fits so easily in my hand and how light it is unlike our last one. It is also nice you don't need to use tapes and can easily load it to the computer. It is definitely much more convenient to be able to bring to school functions, trips, around the house etc.

Last night we went out on a date we went to sunset grill which is a small restaurant in Kansas City with a Caribbean/Hawaiian decor. The food was fabulous, I had the Maui burger which was a really juicy grilled burger with ham on top then pineapple, mozzarella cheese, lettuce, tomato, and a special pineapple sauce. It was delicious and filling. For dessert we split an apple crisp with vanilla ice cream and a sauce of caramel rum very yummy.
Afterwards we headed over to the babiesrus and just walked around checking stuff out that we need or would like or stuff we don't need like scope I hope that is for the parents and not the baby, nobody wants to offend their baby with dragon breath I suppose.

Last week was pretty busy,
Calvin's preschool had their mother's tea. They prepared chicken salad sandwiches for us and serves us ice tea, apple juice for the kids. We got to walk around their classroom to see what they do and then go to the art show were they proudly displayed their artwork.
I also had my first PTO meeting as secretary and it was disastrous not on my part but apparently an e-mail had gone out that the meeting was going to be a discussion on the budget cuts/teacher firings and other things relating to it. Needless to say we had to reschedule the PTO meeting to this Tuesday because there are so many things that need to get done.
Calvin and I went to a really fun Cinco De Mayo lunch last Tuesday, everyone brought a topping or a side dish and we ate lots of yummy tacos and other Mexican food and the kids played while the moms' got to chat and catch up.

I think I have been feeling the baby more and more especially at night that is when the baby seems to most active. I'm sure the baby is dancing or practicing karate. I'm pretty sure within a week or so my family should be able to start feeling the baby move too.
Ok baby knows I'm typing about it because the baby has started to kick me now.

Well tonight we are grilling bratwurst and having potato salad, and baked beans something simple but fun.

I hope all the Mother's out there have a wonderful mothers day!!

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Sickness and in health

It has been awhile since I have been on here. We have all been sick, it started last Monday with Carl who once again had a yucky cough and fever to go along with it so I took Carl in to the doctors since he has had this cough and someone kept asking me too. The doctor said it was either viral or allergen related she prescribed antibiotics even though they wouldn't do any good and also gave us samples of singulair. Guess what? The antibiotics did absolutely nothing at all and I'm pretty sure the singulair didn't do much either. In fact Calvin now has the cough and also got a fever though the fever didn't last quite as long as Carl's. I finally got the cough but no fever we went and picked up some Robitussin cough for me since I can take that. I also take my inhaler but that really doesn't do much good. It basically like I'm trying to catch my breath after running a marathon and instead of being able to breath normally I just start coughing really hard to the point my head hurts and I actually got sick today because I was coughing so bad.
Before my doom I was able to exercise on Tuesday I brought out my pregnancy DVD I received when I was pregnant with Calvin and decided to try it out. I never really got to use it when I was pregnant with Calvin because I got it as a Christmas present and then of course he was born a month and a half later. At the end of the exercise program you get to do this relaxing technique where you lay on the floor on your side and practice breathing and relaxing your body. Well next thing I know I'm asleep, mind you I wasn't out for too long but when I woke back up the instructor now had a baby and was talking about taking care of your baby and yourself it had obviously gone on to the postnatal part of the video which I'm not there yet. I actually thought it would have been pretty funny if anybody had come into the room while I was laying on the floor with my eyes closed they would have thought what kind of exercise program is this where you sleep.
Last night Lucas and I went to the Mechanical Engineering banquet at Marcelli's (thought about you Silvy while there) we had a nice dinner of salad, chicken Parmesan, a white noodle dish, broccoli and carrots with cheese sauce, and cheesecake of our choice. The cheesecake I picked out tasted of caramel and other good stuff. Then we had to listen to people talk about who knows what I wasn't really that interested. At one point my cell phone started ringing and so I quickly left the room and went into the bathroom which I used first since I had to go for the 20th time that evening then I listened to my message and it was my mom calling about what to give the boys for their coughs. I called her back and told her what they could have and when I was done, I had to pee again!!

*Warning may involve bathroom talk*

Having to pee all the time is insane. I will go and then 5 minutes later I will have to go again, sometimes I don't even have to go but the baby presses somewhere and I feel like I have to go again so I go to prevent accidents which are not fun at all. It really is not fun to cough or sneeze and leak a little then have to change your underwear. Sometimes it is less then 5 minutes I will go to the bathroom and a minute later I have a full bladder again, what is up with that?!? I realize this is my third child and should be used to it by now but really it sucks and I know its not going to get any better anytime soon.

Today we went to the Spencer Art Museum. Carl had a piece in the art show from a class he took called Weather and Art. His piece was called Hotel on the beach with pink winds and clouds. It was a funny class he got to take and it was only $10 the art show was neat too but we didn't stay for too long since I felt like crap. We also went to the dollar store where I had to buy thank you cards for the school's PTO for Teacher Appreciation week coming up. Tuesday is my first meeting I will attend as the new Secretary for the PTO. I'm excited about it, next year I will only do PTO I will not be secretary of MOMS club nor the newsletter editor so that should give me a break.

Well that is it for now. Here's to hoping everyone else out there is staying healthy.