Thursday, June 25, 2009

Hot Kansas Days...

It was another lovely hot day in Kansas. I woke up and made Lucas breakfast that consisted of fresh made waffles with blueberries on top, eggs Benedict, watermelon and OJ.

After breakfast I went upstairs to finish making Father’s day cards, I was making 3 altogether and it took me almost 4 hours to make them.

Lucas wanted to know what I was going to make for lunch but lunch is not really my forte and I didn’t want to make another mess or heat up the kitchen. So instead I told him I would treat him to Arby’s since he loves that place and we normally don’t go there. We didn’t go to lunch until after 1pm since we had such a big breakfast. First we stopped at Arby’s Lucas had to go in because the huge delivery truck was blocking the drive-thru. I went over to the display first for the drive-thru to figure out what I wanted to get. I came back and told Lucas my order which was: 1 roast beef Jr. Sandwich, Small Jamocha shake, curly fries, sun chips and a cherry turnover. That was just my meal for $5.95. Lucas then went inside to order, I finally called him on his cell phone after about 9 minutes to see what was taking so long. Apparently they had an older man working and he was extremely slow, perhaps this is the reason why we don’t normally frequent Arby’s. After we got our food we headed over to McDonalds’ to get the boys happy meals, finally we went to checkers I had to pick up some coleslaw for the salad I was going to make for dinner that evening. The time it took at McDonalds’ and checkers was probably less or equal to the time it took at Arby’s. Finally we had finished all of our stops and we headed down to my dad’s house for Father’s day. For dinner we enjoyed a nice dinner of steak, fruit salad, coleslaw and steak fries. Unfortunately whenever I am pregnant steak doesn’t agree with me very well and I had a hard time finishing my meal, the boys had cheeseburgers which honestly might have been better to me.

Monday was extremely hot, I only ventured out to get my haircut and eyebrows waxed it had been almost a year since I last got my haircut so I felt I was entitled to it. I went to see Nancy at Joda and Friends she is my normal hair stylist I figured this would need a professional and not just going to Z’s. I might try them in between cuts. She first thinned out my hair and produced about 2 birds’ nests of hair. Then she washed and cut about 8 inches. She cut probably a little shorter then I would have liked but it’s ok since obviously my hair can grow and with me taking prenatal vitamins it will probably grow faster than normal. Carl still had his baseball practice Monday night which I and other parent’s were surprised to hear since it was 103 on the bank thermometer certainly not a temperature you want your children to be running around outside and playing in.

Yesterday I went in for my 26 week appointment I didn’t gain any weight from the previous time so I am at 150.8lbs then I drank that oh so good orange drink in 5 minutes. After Kathy came in and measured my belly, she said I was measuring perfectly and listened to the baby’s heartbeat, the baby actually kicked while she had the fetal monitor on my stomach it was pretty funny because all of a sudden you could hear a louder sound and I felt it too. When that part of my appointment was over I went to the waiting room with my timer and waited with Lucas for the remainder of the hour. Finally it was time to go back and get my blood drawn. Lucas stayed in the waiting room since he is squeamish about watching me get by blood drawn and gets woozy. I on the other hand have to watch, somehow it comforts me to know what is going on honestly I think the worst part is pulling off the medical tape with cotton ball off my arm after it has stopped bleeding. Don’t get me wrong though I really don’t like being poked with needles. Finally it was all over and I got to go home. That evening I went out to Genovese to celebrate the end of the year banquet with some other mom’s from moms club. I arrived a little early to help Ellie and Lori set up the gifts we had made for the moms. They were really cute I’ll post a picture of them.

Dinner was good even though driving in town was a little scary as there were majorly dark clouds and the wind was blowing those tiny trees along Clinton parkway I thought they were going to pop out of the ground and hit me. Thankfully I made it to the restaurant before the durenital downpour. They started by serving bread with olive oil which I happily ate because I was pretty hungry. Soon the other moms arrived there were 12 of us altogether or 11 I don’t remember. Then the waiter brought out delicious zucchini chips. These are so good, they are tiny little zucchini pieces that have been salted with sea salt and fried. Honestly if I learned how to make these I would be in a lot of trouble they are addicting.
We also had a nice house salad of mixed greens nothing to write home about but good. Then he took our orders for our meals, I had the wild spinach ravioli which had spinach and ricotta cheese inside, it was very tasty though in my onion not enough, I finished it fairly quickly and was still very hungry I almost wanted to ask for seconds. The dinner ended with a vanilla ice cream gelato which was good but I liked it last year better because we got to choose what we wanted for dessert and I believe I got the espresso gelato or some coffee flavor based gelato very yummy. After the evening was spent eating, talking and having a great time with other moms I finally headed home.

Today I received some not so good news I found out I failed my one hour glucose test, I know this has happened to other’s before and they have passed the three hour one later but it still didn’t make me feel good to hear this. When I was pregnant with Calvin I also failed the 1 hour test, I thought it was because I had made and eaten lots of Christmas candy the day before (perhaps not the wisest thing) but honestly you shouldn’t have to do those tests in the month of December when people are giving you sweets, cakes and other treats to enjoy. This time however I was not eating tons of candy I figured I would be fine, but apparently not. So when I got the news I immediately called Lucas and started crying, it never feels good to hear you have failed a test because you think to yourself what have I done wrong, why does this keep happening to me and of course I really hope I don’t fail the 3 hour test. Lucas has agreed to stay home with the boys that morning, he will drive me in then go back home and then come back with the boys after the test is over since I can’t go anywhere and I can only have water after midnight I know I will do fine with the test by myself but I’m more worried about driving after not having eaten for that long and having my blood drawn, I get very lightheaded and dizzy when I don’t eat for a long time. I get to go back in a couple of weeks for that; she said if I failed again I would have to see a dietician. The funny thing is though that my blood pressure was normal if not low she said I was very relaxed and everything else looked great. Usually babies that are of GD births tend to be overweight and then have the tendency to become obese later on; I can say that neither Calvin or Carl are obese. Carl is quite the opposite in fact and I wish he could put on some more meat on his bones but he is in good shape overall.
Well my hands are tired of typing this novel so I will end now.

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