Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Happy Anniversary

Today is Lucas and my 8th year anniversary which I believe is bronze however we forgo presents this year and did not have bronze statues made of ourselves. We went out Saturday to Dempsy's burger place which used to be Ricks place. The burgers were good though we probably won't go back as it was a little too rich and gave us upset stomachs plus they were costly. Afterwards we went to Sylas and Maddy's and each got some ice cream. Today Lucas stayed home because he knew he wouldn't get to see me tonight since he had class, so I made the dinner I would have made tonight had he been home for lunch instead. Lucas actually had to help me make it because my leg started having major pains that I would have to sit on the floor of the kitchen and just cry in agony. He brought in a chair so I could monitor and tell him what to do.

Baby is kicking up a storm and I passed my 3 hour glucose test, I go every 2 weeks now and its hard to believe how quickly this is passing by. The boys are in VBS this week so that gives me a nice 3 hour break in the morning to relax or get things done.

Tonight the boys and I are watching MIB and enjoying some popcorn while Lucas is at class, he said when he comes home he will bring me a blizzard so I look forward to that!!

Enjoying the beautiful weather which is the exact opposite of the day we got married.

Sunday, July 5, 2009

A summer party and Fourth of July

Last weekend we held a summer party for Carl. This was the first half birthday party we have ever had. Lucas did great with taking the kids around to the different stations to play games. Unfortunately it was one of the hottest days of the year and I had to go inside to cool off. We made snow cones which we had lots of different flavors. We also had cake and ice cream (tip get the little individual vanilla ice cream containers), this makes it so much easier than having to scoop out ice cream for 13 hot, hungry and impatient kids. We had games like Plinko and the bean bag toss game. Of course we a prize table that the kids got to choose to fill up their loot bag at the end of the party. The party lasted for about 4 hours, which was perhaps a bit too long but like I said before we had never had such a big party for Carl before.

Monday we had a pretty busy day with a sandbox party, Carl’s baseball practice and my last executive board meeting for MOMS Club®. On Tuesday
Wednesday Calvin had his last dentist appointment for getting his teeth fixed she gave us some fluoride to paint on his teeth in the evening after we brush his teeth because she said his teeth are susceptible to cavities. The receptionist was even nice enough to carry him out to the van for me. Later that evening Carl had a baseball game and I was much happier with how things went for one they actually were given a chance to hit the ball and Carl was placed on first instead of in far left outfield and he actually made a couple of outs. I packed a large cooler with hot dogs and condiments, drinks, watermelon, corn on the cob and chips. What a great way to spend a warm summer evening then watching your child play baseball and eat baseball food that you brought. Next Wednesday will be his last game and t hen we will have a much needed break from sports until fall. We will probably sign him up for Tae Kwan Do then and possibly soccer if he still wants to do that.
Thursday Lucas got home from work early and we went and bought fireworks and picked up dinner at Applebee’s with money my mom gave us. On Friday Lucas again had the day off and we had a busy packed day. We started off by going to Hastings to look for piano books for Calvin (we decided that he can start taking lessons as well). They were of no help at Hastings so we headed over to Hume’s Music shop that moved over to the Kasold shopping center, we found one book and she was able to have the other books shipped to that store from nearby stores. Then we it was about lunch time so we went to McDonald’s and ate inside. After lunch we headed to the library to return books and turn in Carl and Calvin’s summer book reading log, they both finished and did the extra credit. We also ended up spending a lot longer time there picking out more books to bring home. Before we left the library we went and checked out the quilt show my mom has a couple of pieces in. After the library we headed over to Pendleton’s Market they are known for their asparagus but yesterday we went for their sale. They had an awesome sale you could get either a cardboard flat of annuals for $5 or perennials for $10 we ended up doing the annuals. Plus I went and asked how much the veggies were if they were considered an annual and she said they were free to just take them!! So we got a couple of eggplants and a jalapeƱo pepper plant. We probably got about 10 or so plants all for $5 I don’t think you can get much better than that. If they have anymore sales I definitely plan on looking into it.
After Pendleton’s we went to checkers and target then finally back home. Note to grocery clerk people at any store you do not put food in with the raid!! This is poison!! Ok

Yesterday was the Fourth of July. We didn’t do anything fancy like going to parades or crowded parks to watch fireworks instead we stayed home and made cheeseburgers on the grill. I also made corn on the grill, devilled eggs I still can’t do the fancy swirly effect like I remember my uncle Brian being able to do but they still tasted really yummy, Calvin had about 3 or 4 before I made him stop. After dinner we went outside to shoot of fireworks or rather we watched Lucas shoot of fireworks and stood back and admired them. Some were really neat and others were duds but it was always fun to watch. When it got darker it became more fun to watch the lighted bunt run through the darkness away from the firework. We finally finished up around 10pm and headed back inside for dessert. My mom made yellow cake cupcakes (box kind) and I decorated them with cool whip, blueberries and strawberries. I had her do this favor for me because Lucas and I had to make an emergency propone switch as ours had run out. I also had made an apple pie which was more like an apple bread pudding pie, it was really simple and though it didn’t taste exactly like apple pie I was fine with that because it takes too much effort to make apple pie from scratch and I really didn’t have the time.
Finally after dessert we put the boys in the bath and cleaned them up then headed to bed. I believe that is the great thing about Independence Day you can celebrate with a ton of friends or family or just your close family, you can go to parks or stay home. You can barbecue burgers, hot dogs, ribs. You can serve lemonade or root beer floats (like I did) You can go watch fireworks or shoot of small ones of your own if it is legal in your area or you can stay inside and hide from the loud noises. But no matter what you do you are getting to do these things freely and of your own will because of all of the men and women starting from 1776 and to today who have fought for our freedom to be able to enjoy this holiday with how it fits our needs and beliefs best. There is no right or wrong way to celebrate this great American holiday and I believe that is one of the great aspects about Independence Day.