Monday, August 24, 2009

Cabin fever in the summer?

Well I did as I was told and stayed off my feet for almost a week and a half.
I went last Wednesday to have my group b strep test done and was checked again. It didn't sound like I had dilated anymore if I had maybe half a centimeter at most. So obviously taking it easy has helped me some. It is very hard to stay off my feet though, lately I've been wanting to clean and pick things up not because I want to but because I fear things will pile up and I will be stuck with everything. Also because Lucas does help me out a lot and I don't want him to feel like I just lay around all day like a lazy sloth. Sunday Lucas took me out shopping to Target, Hastings and Hy-vee. We picked up some baby stuff at target that I had on my registry even though we didn't have a shower but by doing this we got a 10% off everything on the registry coupon. I picked up some gerber burp clothes, lanisoh creme, and reusable nursing pads. We also picked up the new Up and Up baby lotion, nighttime bath and regular bath and body stuff comparable to J&J baby products. Next we went to hastings and while Lucas looked for a couple of the shopahlic books for me I sat down on there couches and read a magazine. Then Calvin came over and picked up a magazine on super weapons or something I just laughed because of all the magazines he could have picked up I was amused he picked up one with major weapons on the front. At least it wasn't a magazine that was wrapped in plastic that could have been interesting. Finally we went to Hy-vee and picked up a few things it was nice to get out of the house since I had not gone to a store in almost 2 weeks and I was getting cranky from cabin fever especially since it is nice out.
I go back to see my midwife next Friday and hopefully things will still be going good and of course I will have not had this baby yet but she said if I did the baby would be perfectly healthy.
Of course the longer the baby stays in the better because lungs develop and they can put on layers of fat which help them regulate their own body tempature.
Off to lay down again and watch dating in the dark when Lucas gets back inside from playing out with the boys.

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